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Exclusive: Motorola MB520 Kobe / Diablo for AT&T in the wild

Chris Ziegler

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Remember that midrange, Android-equipped MB520 Kobe from Moto we told you about a few days back? Well, it's stepping out for the first time this evening with a little help of our dear brother from another mother, Mr. Blurrycam. As we'd heard before it's definitely destined for AT&T bearing Android 2.1 with Blur (complete with Blur logo on back), though our tipster tells us we can expect an update to 2.2 over the air. Along with "Kobe," the codename "Diablo" is apparently being tossed around internally, though decisions have been made on what to call it when it hits shelves. A Droid X competitor it's not -- but coming off the Backflip debacle, it's baby steps for Moto's Android relationship with AT&T, right? Hit the break for more shots.

[Thanks, Napoleon]

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