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Yakuza ad hints at a violently renovated Tokyo


An ad for the new, untitled PS3 Yakuza game suggests that some big changes are in store for the game and its Kamurocho locale. The ad, in this week's Famitsu, shows the main entrance to the Kabukicho-like district totally wrecked -- with street lights bent out of shape, cars smashed up in the middle of the street, and a fire raging. "The End" hangs over the scene.

Should the game's setting change from a thriving, realistic Tokyo to a post-earthquake disaster area, the game would be almost entirely unlike anything else in the series. It would seem inappropriate for punks to hang out on the street and try to shake us down here. It would also seem inappropriate for us to hang out at the batting cages for a couple of hours. And dating is right out.

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