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Ape Escape for PS3 listed by GameStop, likely a Move game


Siliconera spotted a GameStop listing for a brand new Ape Escape title coming to the PS3 on November 1 of this year. While Sony actually has two Ape Escape (known in Japan as Saru Getchu) titles on tap, Ape Escape 4 is farther away from release than Ape Escape Fury! Fury!, so this listing probably refers to the latter.

Fury! Fury!
is a Move-enabled title that has the player trying to catch monkeys from a first person perspective, while controlling all of the series' gadgets using the Move controller. The series has been sliding a bit lately with spin-off sequels, but maybe this game will be able to innovate with the Move controller the same way it did with the dual analog sticks back in the day.

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