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Best Buy begins used game trade-in program


It looks like the "opportunity" Best Buy saw in the used game market has become "reality," as the company is now accepting used game trade-ins at nearly 600 stores in the US (with more stores on the way). Those who trade in games at Best Buy will receive a Best Buy gift card of equivalent value that can be used on anything in the store. Before long, Best Buy will begin selling used titles as well.

Don't bother looking for some fancy, computerized trade-in kiosk either. In most stores, trades are accepted at the customer service desk, while "select locations" have a "dedicated Trade-In desk" inside the games department. If all that human contact is a bit much, you can also trade in games online at Best Buy's pre-owned games site. Gift cards will be mailed within two weeks. Also, "select titles" are eligible for an extra $20 credit. Update: Best Buy has issued a correction: This Sunday, August 29, the store will be offering a $20 gift card for select titles, not a $20 gift card in addition to a title's trade-in value.

The website has a handy estimator to calculate the value of your used games. We're not quite sure what the basis is for trade-in value though, considering Alpha Protocol clocks in at $27 while Mass Effect 2 snags you just $8. If any of you out there take advantage of Best Buy's new program, be sure to let us know about the experience in the comments.

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