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BioShock 2 'Minerva's Den' DLC hits PS3, 360 Aug. 31 for $10


2K Marin has finally revealed the launch date for BioShock 2's final DLC offering, Minerva's Den. On August 31, the DLC will launch on PSN and Xbox Live simultaneously for $9.99 and 800 MS Points, respectively. Games For Windows Live users will have to wait until "a later date" for the DLC.

Minerva's Den
adds three new areas to explore in the titular level and runs parallel to the main story, meaning players need not complete the BioShock 2 campaign before struggling with whether they'll decide to harvest or adopt the six new Little Sisters peppered throughout. 2K Marin also revealed that, as an added incentive to those who picked up Protector Trials, players will be given access to the Master Protector tonic in Minerva's Den, which simultaneously increases the harvest times for any Little Sister you're chaperoning and the ADAM they collect. This tonic can be accessed via any Gatherer's Garden.

Be sure to read our preview of Minerva's Den, which includes impressions of a new weapon, an all-new Plasmid and the new Big Daddy type, the Lancer.

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