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BlackBerry Curve 9330's marriage with Sprint seemingly leaked by RIM

Chris Ziegler

When RIM crafts a CDMA BlackBerry, you can bet -- well, usually bet -- that it's destined for both Sprint and Verizon, since there aren't many other carrier partners anywhere in the world where Waterloo can recoup the R&D costs. We've already heard plenty of rumors that Verizon's signed up to get it in the coming months, and now we've got information from none other than RIM itself that Sprint has its eyes on the 8530 successor, too. A knowledge base article on RIM's site (which has now been pulled, of course) referred to a "Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9330 smartphone," which pretty much says it all -- we suppose it's possible that the article's author was just preparing for the possibility that Sprint would be getting it, but we think the more likely scenario is that it was official info that went up a tad early. So, who's upgrading?

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