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DSiWare's Furo Jump: Guilty Gear Gaiden claims the 'weirdest Guilty Gear game' prize


Okay, so it was pretty odd when Guilty Gear 2: Overture turned out not to be a 2D fighter, but a 3D action game with strategy elements. That was nothing compared to Furo Jump!!: Guilty Gear Gaiden!? for DSiWare.

Furo Jump (literally Bath Jump) stars Chimaki, a hidden character from Guilty Gear 2, in a quest to visit a hot spring for relief from back pain. To get to his dream bath, Chimaki must spin on a bar of soap and whip a towel at pink elephants. Sounds totally like Guilty Gear to us, right?

Furo Jump will make its splash on Japanese DSiWare September 1 for 500 DSi Points. Head past the break for the trailer with the world's most annoying narration. You can also play a Furo Jump Flash minigame here.

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