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Halo: Reach delivers hope in new live-action short


SCENE Two pals catch the new Halo: Reach ad "Deliver Hope" on CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, SyFy, ESPN, F/X, TNT, TBS, Discovery Channel, G4 or another network. One is a gamer; the other clearly not ...

NOT (surprised) Wow! Was that an ad for a video game...?
GAMER (confidently) Uh-huh. The new Halo.
NOT The graphics look incredible! Man, these games really are starting to look real.
GAMER (angrily) That wasn't the game. It was a live-action short by the guy who directed that Smart People movie -- and a buncha other like famous people who helped out.
NOT Oh. That sounds expensive.

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