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Teen kills disabled girl, plays DDO to "forget"


While video games have long been used as an escape from life, there are few instances where that sentiment is more tragic than a recent crime in Seattle.

On August 17th, 18-year-old Tyler Savage led police to the body of a developmentally disabled teenage girl, whom Savage admitted to killing then raping. After hiding the body, Savage went to a neighbor's house and logged into Dungeons & Dragons Online. Savage wanted to be a video game tester, and told the police he spent many hours gaming every day. He claimed that playing DDO helped him to forget his crime, a crime to which he has since pleaded "not guilty." Detectives are trying to figure out if he was trying to enact a game fantasy in real life, although Savage's defense attorney claims that this is "pure speculation."

Savage's victim was a participant in the Special Olympics and had known him for two years. If convicted, Savage could receive the death penalty.

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