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TUAW's Daily App: Chapters


Chapters (US$3.99 on the iPad) looks like a terrific app for your various notetaking enterprises. I haven't yet been completely sold on the iPad as a blogging or writing device; so far, I've stuck with my MacBook rather than an iPad when I need to be out remotely somewhere keeping notes or writing things down. But Chapters is exactly the kind of app that could change that. With a simple and powerful interface and a set of features that steps aside and lets you write in whatever fashion you want, it could easily help your iPad replace a more powerful notebook computer.

The ability to add photos, edit text formatting, and quickly find and export text you've written into the app is all icing on the cake. Whatever your implementation would be (the reviews in iTunes have a teacher keeping notes, a photographer tracking trips, and a journal writer just documenting random thoughts), Chapters seems like a great app to keep notes, large or small, on the iPad. And that introductory price of $3.99 makes it pretty easy to check out, too.

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