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Australian court halts PSJailbreak sales ... to anyone but Sony


Now that we've determined that the PSJailbreak dongle is real ... the question of its authenticity has abruptly been made moot. The Australian Federal Court has temporarily enjoined retailers from selling or distributing the devices. The court also ordered that a number of PSJailbreaks are to be "released to [Sony] for such analysis, including destructive analysis, as the Applicants think fit, upon the payment to the applicable respondent of its retail price for each such PSJailbreak Device."

If we're reading this correctly, that means that OzModchips and the other named retailers are legally forbidden from selling PSJailbreaks outside of Sony, and legally forced to sell PSJailbreaks to Sony. In any case, once Sony's had a chance to figure out exactly how this thing works, it basically won't matter if the injunction is lifted later, as the PSJailbreak will be rendered useless by a firmware update.

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