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Overclocked, liquid-cooled Mac Pro trades noise for speed

Keith M

I wonder if it's only a matter of time before Apple decides to go to a liquid-cooled solution rather than keeping with bigger and faster fans. In any case, one technically adept person over at Asetek didn't want to wait for that day. He went about not only water cooling an older 8-core Mac Pro, but overclocked it as well. The result was a much quieter system, with the same speed as a newer Mac Pro and at lower cost.

I haven't noticed a Mac Pro to be all that noisy, but the quieter the system the better, especially when it's on or under your desk. What this guy didn't explain, though, was how much time and money it cost to outfit the older Mac Pro with water cooling. Would the time, effort and cost there still make it a worthwhile mod? Check out his full video after the jump.

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