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Remember the Milk for iPhone now free -- with a catch


Remember the Milk (RTM) is a popular Web-based to-do list manager with an equally popular iOS app (here's our review). This week, the app's developers have announced that it's now free for the iPhone... with a few caveats.

Until now, the iPhone app was only available to those who paid US$25 a year or $2.99/month for an RTM pro account. The free version includes everything in the full version with the following exceptions: It only syncs manually (and once every 24 hours at most) and it doesn't support push notifications. If you depend on the app to nag you into action, you might want to move on or consider the pro upgrade. However, those comfortable with referring to the app as the day progresses are in for a treat. RTM for iPhone is a solid app that you're sure to enjoy.

Those who've been putting off trying RTM for iPhone now have the perfect opportunity. Download and enjoy!

[Via Lifehacker]

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