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See Mafia 2 and get ... a haircut

Justin McElroy

We, as it turns out, are in a race with PR to the end of civilization. It goes a little like this: they keep coming up with more obstinately dumb ways to promote games and, since we too are dumb, we fall for it and write about it. Then they get dumber and we have to write about it harder. And so on.

So we're going to do our part and tell you that 2K Games is offering free haircuts to gamers in the UK to entice them to check out Mafia II (full details after the jump). But we do so with the understanding that we're propagating a cycle that terminates with "Hurl Your Feces at Halo 4 as You Screech in Delight" in the not-too-distant future.

So, sorry. For that.

(P.S. The title of the press release literally includes the phrase "Invite You To Become A Mane Man." We didn't add that.)

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2K Games And Joe's Mafia® II Barber Shop Invite You To Become A Mane Man

Receive free haircut and Mafia II T-shirt at select city centre shopping malls
August 26, 2010 – To celebrate the launch of Mafia® II for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC on August 27th, 2K Games announced today the start of its experiential Mafia II Pop-up Barber Shop Tour, where shoppers can receive a free shave, haircut and exclusive Mafia II T-shirt - simply by turning up on the day!

Shoppers at six of the country's most prominent city centre shopping malls not only have the chance to get some hands-on time with the game at Joe's Mafia II Barber Shop, but they can also receive a free professional haircut courtesy of American Crew, a leading men's grooming supplier. Not only that, everybody who has a shave and/or haircut will also receive a special leaflet, courtesy of popular glamour model, Lucie Self, that can be redeemed at any Game store in exchange for a fantastic free Mafia II T-shirt when they purchase a copy of the game.

Joe's Mafia II Barber Shop tour won't be in town long though, so shoppers are advised to check out the details below. Don't disappoint da Boss by missing out on the chance to become a Mafia II Mane Man or Woman, capiche?

Basingstoke – Festival Place 27th August
Birmingham – Bullring Rotunda Square 28th August
Westfield – Southern Terrace 29th August
Reading – Oracle Centre 30th August
Newcastle – Northumberland Street 1st September
Manchester – Trafford Centre 2nd September

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