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Southpeak Games bringing Nail'd, Two Worlds 2 and more to PAX


Worried you weren't going to get Nail'd at this year's PAX Prime? Southpeak Games wants to assure you that you absolutely will -- more to the point, you can stop by the publisher's booth to get some hands-on time with upcoming MX/ATV racer Nail'd (you see what we did there?). Southpeak is also bringing Two Worlds 2, Battle Vs. Chess, and previously unheard of motorcycle racer SBK-X for attendees to check out.

Also, if you're over 10 years old, you could try your hand at some Nail'd speed trials for a chance to win the 70cc Mini-Motocross Pit Bike pictured above. While it might not put you in the running for "Toughest Motocross Dude Ever," it's a totally adorable little motorcycle. Who could say no to that? A monster, that's who. And you're not a monster, right?

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