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TUAW's Daily App: Zentomino HD


There are lots of frantic action games available on the App Store, but sometimes all you want to do is get home, sit down with your iPad, and relax with a fun puzzle. Zentomino is a game that lets you do exactly that. It's a very zen take on the "pentomino" puzzle game, requiring you to fit a certain set of shapes into a specific outline. The game's about as relaxing as it gets. While the music is somewhat repetitive, you're free to move as many pieces around as much as you want, and just pushing the big, colorful shapes around can be almost as entertaining as actually completing the puzzle. There's not a lot of flair, but what's there is intuitive and fun, and when you just want to sit on the couch and relax, that's what you need.

Zentomino HD is the brand new iPad version of the game, and it's available as an ad-supported app. The first set of puzzles is completely free, with others available through in-app purchase. The game's also available for iPhone (either as a US$1.99 paid version, or a lite version with ads).

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