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Japanese hardware sales, Aug. 16 - Aug. 22: Remembrance edition

The comments of the last few installments of the Japanese Hardware Sales saga have seemed to focus on a pair of dear, dear friends whom we lost in the Futurestiq relaunch: The Green Up and Red Down Arrows. We miss them just as much as the next person -- more, probably -- but their tendency to go rogue just didn't jibe with the direction in which the rest of the site was moving. As a result, we went our separate ways, and then we had them assassinated, because if we can't have them, no one can.

No use crying over spilled arrow blood, though, is there? We've got the future to think of! The future, with its boundless options for methods to symbolize whether numbers are increasing or decreasing. Why, there's some new ones in the chart posted after the jump right now! You're going to love them! Or else you're going to sleep with the arrows.

- PS3: 29,433 [DOWN] 3,624 (10.96%)
- PSP: 27,554 [DOWN] 8,180 (22.89%)
- DSi LL: 21,179 [DOWN] 6,744 (24.15%)
- DSi: 20,030 [DOWN] 4,820 (19.40%)
- Wii: 18,145 [DOWN] 6,927 (27.63%)
- DS Lite: 4,012 [DOWN] 797 (16.57%)
- Xbox 360: 3,842 [DOWN] 1,223 (24.15%)
- PS2: 1,366 [DOWN] 309 (18.45%)
- PSP Go: 631 [UP, SERIOUSLY, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT] 23 (3.78%)

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