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New expedition to capture the ever-deteriorating state of the wreckage of the Titanic

Laura June

Shipwrecks -- especially ones which are located and explored -- hold a special fascination over people, and none more so than the Titanic. The ship has been photographed (and plundered) over several exhibitions since its re-discovery by side-scan sonar in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1988, about 76 years after sinking. A new exhibition to the site is seeking to discover the extent of its recently advancing state of decay. Using a combination of sonar and acoustic mapping and high resolution photography conducted by submersibles, the 20-day Expedition Titanic hopes to conduct the most exhaustive archeological study of the state of the wreckage to date, culminating in a 3D replica of the two by three mile debris field. As you see from the rough sonar image above, it's quite a beast down there on the ocean floor, and if you hit up the source, you can see the work in progress.

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