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Google launches Priority Inbox for Gmail, sorts your mail for you

Nilay Patel

It's no secret we're all crazy Gmail addicts at Engadget, and although the staff regularly erupts into 10-round slapfights over wonktastic filter / label strategies and triage techniques, it seems like Google's new Priority Inbox feature might take much of the pain away from heavy message management. The system assesses how often and how much you've read email from the sender before, as well as how much you've communicated in reply and other factors, and uses that info to organize the inbox. Early reports seem to indicate it all works pretty well after some training, but we might still be compulsive enough to want to see every message that hits our inbox -- you never know when some random tipster's going to send in next-gen Atari shots from a fake address. That said, we still want to try it out, but we'll have to wait -- like every new Gmail feature, it's being rolled over the next week or so. Video after the break.

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