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Ministry of War announces Vox Populi contest

Jef Reahard

If you're ever wanted to put words in the mouth of an MMO NPC (and who hasn't), now's your chance. Snail Games USA has announced the Vox Populi contest for its free-to-play MMORTS known as Ministry of War. The title, currently in closed beta, is a browser-based MMO that allows players to conquer territory as one of four ancient civilizations (China, Egypt, Persia, or Rome).

To get in on the contest, and play puppet-master to your very own MMO NPC, head to the beta forums for the complete contest rules and requirements. Entering the Vox Populi competition also makes you eligible for a beta key, and you could be one of five finalists to compete for the coveted grand prize of having your quote spoken by an in-game villager.

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