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Samsung Transform for Sprint: what is it?

Chris Ziegler

We normally wouldn't post news about a Sprint device in the FCC without any juicy details on decent specs, but hear us out -- this one's kind of interesting. As our tipster noted to us, the prefix "SPH" on Samsung phones typically means that particular model is heading for Sprint, and an SPH-M920 got FCC approval not long ago. A quick search reveals that the M920 appears to be christened the "Transform," suggesting that this phone... well, transforms somehow. Of course, that could be as simple as a sliding keyboard or as strange and unique as Verizon's LG Versa -- we really have no idea -- but it's notable that the Transform has a WiFi certification under its belt for 802.11b / g / n, so we can assume the phone's no slouch and might even fall into smartphone (read: Android) territory. Any educated guesses out there?

[Thanks, Celz]

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