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PlayStation Move review: Tumble


Created by Supermassive Games, the same developer responsible for Start the Party, Tumble is the first PSN title designed specifically for Move – and also ranks with Sports Champions as one of my must-have launch games. It's an interesting fusion of tech demo and game that works and works well.

It's a basic concept: You use the Move controller to stack blocks on top of a platform, trying to build as high as possible, or, in some cases, to just use every block you're given. Then there are rounds where you use mines to blow pre-built towers apart, scoring points based on how far they travel.

What makes Tumble so cool is two-fold: For one, there's the Move technology itself, which allows for 3D control of the blocks. It's so accurate and responsive that I had a little trouble using a 2D form of input – my MacBook's trackpad – immediately after playing. It feels, for all intents and purposes, like you're reaching into your TV to manipulate objects. The other great aspect of Tumble is its degree of challenge. Stacking blocks might sound easy, but when you factor in their various shapes, weights and even material types (grippy rubber, slick glass and so on) it gets more interesting. Add in uneven building platforms and challenges that require you to reach a specified height with a seemingly inadequate supply of blocks and it becomes a real brain twister.

The pacing of Tumble is intentionally slow -- I had many moments, on the edge of my seat, trying to slide a block into place with the slightest movements so as not to topple the rest of the structure -- but if you've got the patience, you'll be rewarded time and time again.

This review is based on a pre-release version of Tumble provided by Sony.

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