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WoW Moviewatch: I'm Still Sleeping


Have you seen Gray? He didn't call in this morning. Last night, he said he was going out for some milk and now he's gone. "Going out for some milk" isn't a terrible euphemism, is it? Does anyone have his phone number? Moviewatch seriously needs him. Eh, whatever.

I'm Only Sleeping, a WoW/Beatles music video from Phixor2000, is not only is the winner of the GEE Machinima Award from the 2007 BitFilm Festival but is a video that surprisingly does the Beatles' I'm Still Sleeping justice, with a psychedelic vibe, semi-NSFW, sort-of-naked gnomes, and butterflies. I'm a huge Beatles fan, and personally love the crazy, creepy Beatles stuff from the late '60s, like the Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine. Also, I hold the controversial opinion that Octopus's Garden is not a terrible song, so hate me in the comments. You can't change my mind. It's not the best song, but Ringo tried really hard! And it's catchy.

Oh, right, the video. Phixor2000 captures the essence of the psychedelic period of the Beatles pretty damn perfectly with his Frozo-esque gnome experiencing Azeroth and beyond in ways we only wish were possible: frolicking gnomes, a metaphysical meeting with Aszhara and even Shivarra-inspired shenanigans. It's weird, and that makes it fun. Also, who doesn't want to start the day with some Beatles?
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