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Samsung's 55-inch C9000 LCD and its amazing Touch Remote control land at IFA


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That's not a PMP wirelessly mirroring the TV's display. It's a Samsung remote control that first blew us away at CES in January when Samsung's ultra-thin LCD 9000 series TV was first announced. So why revisit it? Well, for starters... look at it! It's a 3-inch touchscreen remote control in its production form that's now shipping with the LED backlit 200Hz (not 240Hz, it's Europe remember) Samsung C9000 -- a TV measuring just 7.98-mm thick with a 55-inch diagonal. The remote control itself is built on a 600MHz ARM 11 processor with a custom remote control layer sitting atop Linux and a 2.4GHz 802.11n radio. As such, this little powerhouse gives you lots of options to control and view your media including the ability to continue watching the game even as your bladder drags you into less, shall we say, comfortable rooms. You can even preview other channels without interrupting that vast expanse of LCD viewed by others in the room. It also supports DLNA for streaming your media from any number of compatible devices. Naturally, it also functions as a programmable remote for all your new gadget additions. Really, the entire package is quite amazing. Check it for yourself after the break.

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