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Trailer for Scars of Abyssea surfaces for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

While there's quite a stir around the new open beta for Final Fantasy XIV, there are some very big additions coming to Final Fantasy XI as well. Scars of Abyssea is due to be released with the September version update, and lest players forget about it, Square-Enix has updated the teaser site. Not only does it include previews of the new Empyrean armor sets and a new trailer for the mini-expansion, it also offers us a predicted launch date for the update of September 8th.

Although the chest pieces are not shown and it's a bit early to be sure, it does appear that most of the Empyrean Armor sets are the new Artifact pieces (an upgrade from the previous Relic Armor). Combined with the coming upgrades to Trial of the Magians, this armor set may become the norm for quite some time. Players can take a look at all of the coming attractions on the official teaser site, and the Final Fantasy XI update should be available early next week.

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