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BBFC uncovers Activision's plans to hold a massive Blood Drive

Yes, after suffering a few years of not-so-flattering opinions among hardcore gamers, Activision has decided to use its considerable wealth and power for more altruistic enterprises. The British Board of Film Classification recently revealed that the gargantuan publisher is hosting a Blood Drive of unparalleled scope later this year, which it hopes will deliver billions of gallons of precious hemoglobinz to people across the globe who need those hemoglobinz.

Hah! We're just kidding, of course. Can you imagine? No, no, the BBFC just rated a game coming from Activision called Blood Drive, a car combat action game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The rating mentions "strong language and gory violence," leading us to believe it will focus more on the killing side of said genre, rather than the racing side. According to CVG, an Amazon listing which has since been pulled gave the title an October 26 launch date. We'll let you know when we hear more. (A real blood drive. Oh man. You should have seen your faces!)

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