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Phat Loot Phriday: Captain Taylor's Chopper


"Captain Taylor, he gained the day," the tall orc intoned. The behemoth's voice caught in his throat as he groaned out the last word.

"Walk him along," Lolegolas said with a sorrowful voice. "Throgg, carry him along. Captain Taylor gained us this day."

The orc hefted the captain's favorite weapon. Captain Taylor's Chopper was a simple board from the deck of his ship with a deck nail driven through it. "We'll carry him to his burying ground where it's stormy. And I will lower him to his rest with my own two hands."

The pair reached the shallow grave and bent at the waist to lower the coffin with due solemnity. "Captain Taylor, he's gone where the stormy winds won't blow. Lower him down, Throgg."

As the two finished the burial, Throgg hefted the axe in a fist like a ham. "On every inch, I will carve his name. And we will reckon him, reckon it along."

The blonde elf threw an arm around his big friend as the two slowly walked away.

Captain Taylor's Chopper
Type: One-Hand Axe
Vitals: 391 - 727 Damage,Speed 2.60; (215.1 damage per second)

  • 65 agility
  • 98 stamina
  • Improves critical strike rating by 43
  • Increases your expertise rating by 43
Getting rid of it: 15 gold, 61 silver, and 99 copper to sell it, but it can be disenchanted.

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