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Tokyo Game Show 2010 promising more products, fewer RPGs


There are a total of 630 products being shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show, nearly 40 percent more than the 456 products shown last year. However, while there's a lot more on show, it's surprising to see which genres are dwindling down. For example, there are half as many RPGs this year as last (dropping from 52 to 26). Japanese publishers are showing significantly fewer sports and puzzle games this year, as well.

On the upside, there's an increase in shooters (from 10 to 19) and a shocking number of peripherals: 157. Certainly, the release of PlayStation Move, Kinect and the upcoming 3DS must have something to do with that figure!

Most exciting of all is the mysterious "Other" category, which has dramatically increased from 103 to 226. Does this mean we'll see more innovative, genre-bending titles out of this year's TGS? Or, will it mean we're going to see a lot more Square Enix perfumes? See the full rundown of genres for this year versus last after the break.

Genre 2009 2010
Action 115 102
RPG 52 26
Simulation 22 25
Puzzle 59 18
Adventure 13 12
Shooting 10 19
Sports 15 4
Racing 8 8
Peripherals 28 157
Others 103 226

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