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Nokia C6 firmware hacked with care onto 5800 and 5530

Chris Ziegler

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Considering the sheer volume of 5800 XpressMusics that Nokia has sold over the past year and a half, it's little wonder that they've got a few dedicated hackers out there working on keeping the company's first S60 Fifth Edition device up to date, isn't it? Sure enough, the C6's updated skin with legit home screen widgets has been shoehorned onto both the 5800 and its 5530 sibling -- and although the update process seems like a bit of a nightmare fraught with bricking dangers, a successful update means you might be able to go another year without shelling out for a new set. Cheers to that, we say. Follow the break for the firmware in action on a 5800 (Navigation Edition, we think).

[Thanks, Kalle H.]

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