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Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica hacked for multitouch support

Chris Ziegler

Historically, Samsung has worked up a pretty spotty record for properly supporting its Android devices with updates to newer versions of the platform -- just look at the Behold 2 debacle for evidence of that -- but that doesn't mean some enterprising folks out in the field can't make up for that, now, does it? The Galaxy Spica (also known as the i5700) has been blessed with multitouch support in some homebrew drivers that are making their way into homebrew kernels for homebrew ROMs, despite the official line that said phone doesn't support more than one finger at a time. Really drives home the point that "support" can refer both to the hardware's capability and the manufacturer's willingness to maximize it, doesn't it? Follow the break for the hack on video.

[Thanks, OKK77]

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