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Mafia 2 banned in United Arab Emirates


According to a report from ME Gamers, the United Arab Emirates National Media Council has officially banned the sale of Mafia 2 within its borders. No statement has been formally issued by the NMC regarding the ban, though a report from Arabian Business (via Gamasutra) cites "excessive violence and nudity contained in the game."

Mafia 2 joins a laundry list of other titles deemed inappropriate by the UAE's media governance body, including this year's Heavy Rain and Darksiders. That said, reports in the past have pointed out the relative ease with which UAE residents can still pick up various "banned" games.

Mafia 2 has been criticized by UNICO National, an Italian American organization, as a "pile of racist nonsense." The game was also criticized by Joystiq for forcing us to spend "way too much time in shallow block-counter-repeat fistfights or behind the wheel of a clunky automobile."

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