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Warren Spector pitched Deus Ex 'spiritual successor' to Disney


Square Enix Europe may be working on an official Deus Ex sequel, but that didn't stop Warren Spector -- one of the creators of the original game -- from pitching a "spiritual successor" to his new employer, Disney. According to Develop, Spector delivered a presentation for a new "futuristic sci-fi game," one that he believed Disney wouldn't be interested in.

Spector walked out of that meeting with a new game deal, but not on the project he expected. "We have a concept for Mickey, we want to show you our idea," the designer recalls the execs telling him during that meeting. "And they gave me this pitch." That pitch ended up being Epic Mickey, an unexpected (but certainly not unwelcome) departure from Spector's earlier, more mature works.

With Spector's Junction Point studio nearing the end of Epic Mickey's development, we can't help but wonder if the team will move on to the pitched (but seemingly ignored) sci-fi idea. Spector doesn't offer an answer, but there's clearly some interest from the Disney higher-ups. "Disney now owns the IP to it," Spector said. "So who knows?"

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