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Breakfast Topic: Are you catching up on out-of-game activities?


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Before the maddening world changes of Cataclysm hit and we follow the shark with freakin' laser beams down to level our toons to 85, we are left with the question of what to do for the next few months. As with both previous expansions, it becomes sort of a waiting game for new content. The apathy of "why bother?" hits, and logging on becomes less and less frequent -- logging on just to check the AH, or for a guild raid, or to do dailies, and quickly off again, waiting with anticipation for when you can fly in the old world.

Some of us are hardcore gamers, but like many WoW players who get engrossed in our game of choice, we may have missed some of the other stellar video games that came out this year. Are you catching up on these titles while you wait for the next nugget of WoW content to come out? Or are you a TV and movie viewer, catching up on shows? Or are you catching up on real-life stuff you missed while in game, like spending time with friends and family and getting caught up with work, so you can take those couple of days off when Cataclysm actually launches?

Personally, I found that I fit into multiple categories here, spending time with my girlfriend, gaining relationship points for the inevitable amount I am going to tick her off when Cataclysm launches. I have also been playing some games I missed in the meantime, such as Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Awakenings -- well, not so much missed, but saw their shortcuts glaring at me, waiting on me to play them, while I logged in to WoW instead.

So where do you fit? Where are your spare hours going, since you aren't in Azeroth as much? Or are you in game just as much as you always were?

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