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John Romero becomes consultant for casual game developer LOLapps


John Romero may forever be known as the man behind Doom and Daikatana to hardcore gamers, but he's since diversified his resume quite a bit. While he remains the head of MMO developer Slipgate, Romero is now acting as a consultant for casual game developer LOLapps. The company boasts over 100 million users of its various Facebook apps, such as Gift Creator and Quiz Creator; its most recent title is Critter Island (pictured above), "a game where you can decorate an island for tourists and invite friends to come visit."

Romero recently joined the team to work on an unnamed Facebook game, one that will likely follow the company's mantra to "[marry] web and game technology to the kind of mini virtual worlds that are popular on Facebook." We're not exactly sure what that means, but it should sound thrilling to venture capitalists.

"This is where the excitement is now," Romero told VentureBeat, marking the next step in the developer's rather unique career.

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