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Mabinogi Europe reveals huge Uncharted Lands expansion

Jef Reahard

Nexon Europe, makers of the sprawling Mabinogi free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, have just released the Uncharted Lands expansion that brings massive amounts of content updates to European players in one fell swoop. Uncharted Lands collates three years of Korean updates and two years of North American updates into one patch, culminating in the European Mabinogi client being brought up to speed a mere four months after its initial launch.

Included in the update are two new races (giants and elves), multiple new explorable locations (Connous, Physis, Courcle, and the city of Tara, among others), and flying mounts. Finally, social features such as the postal system, fashion and cooking contests, and activities including jousting and farming have been made available in the huge update.

You can learn more at the official Mabinogi website, as well as check out an expansion trailer after the cut.

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