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Nikon Coolpix S8100 gets 1080p video, S80 sprouts an OLED touchscreen

Nilay Patel

In addition to the intriguing new Coolpix P7000, Nikon also announced the Coolpix S8100 (pictured above) and S80 tonight -- sure, they're not the dramatic new models, but they're certainly respectable updates to the S8000 and S70. The S8100 actually learned one trick from the P7000: it's dropped the megapixel count to 12.1 from the S8000's 14.2 in order to improve light sensitivity -- it can now hit ISO 3200 natively, which isn't bad for a tiny cam with a 10x zoom. It's also got a new 1080p movie mode and a faster 10fps burst mode -- although we're told it can only burst five frames at a time, so that's not nearly as interesting. It'll hit later this month in a few colors for $299.

The S80 goes the other way, boosting the megapixel count to 14.1 from the S70's 12.1, and upping the 3.5-inch touchscreen to OLED. The touchscreen enables all the same snazzy tricks as on the new S1100pj, including the ability to draw right on your pictures, and and the 720p movie mode and 5x optical zoom are unchanged. It'll hit this fall in all sorts of colors for $329. Honestly, we're still not entirely sold on touchscreen controls for cameras to begin with, and on top of that we're definitely concerned that OLED will make a touchscreen camera virtually useless in daylight, but we'll wait to see this thing in person before we rain too hard on this parade. Check a pic of the S80 along with both press releases after the break.

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The S8100's Compact Design Includes 12.1 MP CMOS Sensor to Capture Amazing Photos Up To 10 FPS

MELVILLE, NY (September 8, 2010) – Nikon Inc. today announced the COOLPIX S8100, which offers a 12.1‐megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor to provide consumers with enhanced performance and outstanding image quality for high‐speed shooting and low‐light conditions. Fast, responsive and versatile, the Nikon COOLPIX S8100 with an incredible
10X zoom will capture fast‐moving subjects in still images and HD (1080p) movies.

To help capture moments that are gone in an instant, the COOLPIX S8100 not only features high‐speed shooting at five full resolution frames at up to 10 frames‐per‐second (fps), but a pre‐shooting cache that records up to two shots before the shutter‐release is fully pressed. For extremely fast action shots, the S8100's Sports Continuous mode records up to approximately 120 fps. With Subject Tracking, the S8100 automatically tracks a designated subject by activating autofocus (AF), enabling the user to capture the best moment confidently. The S8100 also adopts Nikon's exclusive EXPEED C2TM image processing engine, which is customized to each COOLPIX model to further drive enhanced performance, outstanding image quality and HD video.

Staying true to the legacy of the Style Series, the S8100 empowers users with serious performance and image quality, while remaining stylish and compact. Equipped with a 10x Optical Zoom‐NIKKOR ED glass lens (30‐300mm, 35mm equivalent), the COOLPIX S8100 allows the user to get close to the action, even when recording a movie in Full HD (1080p). For that family film producer, the S8100 features one‐touch recording, optical zoom and stereo sound recording while filming for an enhanced user experience. Additionally, users can perfect their movies in‐camera with a new editing function or snap still images while recording.

"Our portfolio of compact digital cameras is designed to equip photographers of any level with the features and functions they will need for various shooting situations in a portable, compact body," said Bo Kajiwara, director of marketing, Nikon Inc. "The COOLPIX S8100 blends superior high‐speed and low‐ light performance with a sleek and stylish design for a camera that is not only ready to go when you are, but one you are proud to show off."

Advanced Technologies for Beautiful Nighttime Shots
The COOLPIX S8100 features a 12.1‐megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor, which enables exceptional image quality even when shooting in low‐light settings. This CMOS sensor lends itself to enhanced shooting functions in dark situations, including the advanced Night Portrait mode, which reproduces night scenes and indoor portraits as the user sees them while reducing image blur. The Night Portrait mode combines consecutive shots of the background while the subject is taken using the flash, allowing challenging night scenes to be easily captured during handheld shooting and eliminating any subject movement. To further help deliver crisp, sharp photos, the S8100 features a 4‐Way vibration reduction (VR) Image Stabilization System with ISO settings up to 3200.

Other functions benefitting from the lower noise and exceptional image quality of the new CMOS image sensor include an advanced Backlight shooting function with an in‐camera high dynamic range (HDR) function, which merges images of the same scene to achieve a single image with a broad range of tonal detail for a frame‐worthy shot. Additionally, the S8100's advanced Night Landscape mode combines a series of five consecutive shots taken at a fast shutter speed into a single image with reduced noise for when taking handheld shots. From romantic candlelit dinners to capturing the bright lights of New York City at night, the COOLPIX S8100 ensures that no low‐light moment will be left in the dark.

Creative Versatility

The COOLPIX S8100 helps unleash the user's photographic potential with enhanced shooting and editing functions, including a new Mode Dial conveniently placed next to the shutter‐release button for quick and easy access to shooting modes. The COOLPIX S8100 also features the Creative Slider, which simplifies adjusting brightness, saturation and color tone in‐camera. Other in‐camera editing functions include Quick Retouch and D‐Lighting, giving users the ability to adjust their images during playback.

To further help the process of composing and sharing photos and movies, the COOLPIX S8100 boasts a 3.0‐inch ultra high resolution (921,000‐dot) Clear Color Display with a wide viewing angle and anti‐glare coating. Additional must‐have features in the S8100 include 17 scene modes, including the Scene Auto Selector, which automatically recognizes the shooting situation and adjusts camera settings accordingly for great photos in any environment. For outstanding portraits, the S8100 features Nikon's Smart Portrait System, which incorporates a series of automatic functions including In‐Camera Red‐Eye FixTM, improved Face‐Priority AF, Blink Warning, Smile Timer and Skin Softening to flatter even the most camera‐shy subject.

Availability and Pricing
The COOLPIX S8100 will be available late September 2010 for $299.95* MSRP in a choice of attractive colors including black, red and gold.


MELVILLE, NY (September 8, 2010) – Integrating stylish design with intuitive operation, Nikon Inc. introduces the new COOLPIX S80, equipped with a beautifully bright 3.5‐inch ultra high resolution organic LED (OLED) touch screen with an enhanced interface for a more enjoyable user experience.

With a user‐friendly interface, the COOLPIX S80 gives the photographer easy touch control over the camera's key functions for smooth operation, including touch shutter shooting, zoom and playback. To help users better compose their photos, the S80 employs tab‐type graphics to maximize screen space without cluttering it with icons. When the camera is rotated for vertical shooting, display tabs and controls also automatically rotate for smoother shooting.

The large 3.5‐inch ultra high resolution (819,000‐dot) OLED touch screen display delivers clear, rich image reproductions, bright vivid colors and excellent contrast. With a wide viewing angle (approximately 180 degrees), brightness control and an anti‐reflection coating, the S80's touch screen display makes it easy to compose, view and share photos and HD (720p) movies.

"Our consumers not only rely on our compact digital cameras for beautiful photos and brilliant technology, but also as a reflection of their personal style," said Bo Kajiwara, director of marketing, Nikon Inc. "The COOLPIX S80's slim, sophisitcated design, touch screen technology and excellent features make it fun for consumers to capture high quality images and share their memorable moments."

Measuring 0.7‐inches, the surprisingly thin COOLPIX S80 can be slipped in any pocket or bag for unbeatable portability. Sliding the lens cover turns the camera on and off, while creating a sleek, modern look. Available in six colors as bright as the OLED touch screen display, the S80 is not only a compact digital camera, but it's also a fashion statement.

With the COOLPIX S80's intuitive touch screen, creativity is at the user's fingertips. The S80 lets users add their personal touch to photos with the Paint function, giving them the ability to write or draw on images during playback. The Retouch Menu lets users easily adjust images in‐camera with the touch of a finger by choosing from a wide range of functions, including Color Options, Soft Focus, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Miniature Effect and Fish‐eye Effect. In playback mode, the user can even add moving stamps for an animated effect. In addition, the S80 features a new rating function that allows users to rate their photos with up to five stars and sort images according to their rating.

The S80 is equipped with a built‐in slide show function, allowing the user to playback photos to pre‐set music for an enjoyable sharing experience. The COOLPIX S80 also features HD (720p) Movie with optical zoom and stereo sound available during recording. An HDMI output enables easy playback on an HDTV for big‐screen viewing of photos from a recent vacation or HD video from the latest family gathering.

Packed into the super slim COOLPIX S80 are must‐have features like a 14.1‐megapixel CCD sensor and 5x Wide‐Angle Optical Zoom‐NIKKOR ED glass lens (35‐175mm, 35mm equivalent) to help the user capture beautiful landscapes and allow them to get close to the action. The S80 helps reduce camera shake with a 5‐Way vibration reduction (VR) Image Stabilization System that includes Optical and Hybrid VR, Motion Detection, ISO settings up to 6400 and Best Shot Selector, which automatically takes up to ten shots while the shutter‐release button is pressed, and then selects and saves the sharpest image. The S80 employs Nikon's EXPEED C2TM image processing engine to ensure outstanding image quality.

To further help users take better photos, the COOLPIX S80 includes 17 scene modes and the Easy Auto Mode, which automatically recognizes the shooting situation and adjusts camera settings accordingly for great photos in any environment.

For outstanding portraits, the S80 features Nikon's Smart Portrait System, which incorporates a series of automatic functions including In‐Camera Red‐Eye FixTM, improved Face‐Priority AF, Smile Timer, Blink Warning, Blink Proof and Skin Softening to flatter even the most camera‐shy subject.

Availability and Pricing

The COOLPIX S80 will be available in fall 2010 for $329.95* MSRP in a choice of stylish colors including red, black, blue, pink, gold and silver/brown.

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