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Polish operator Mobyland jumps straight from 2G to LTE

Chris Ziegler

If you're still running a GPRS or EDGE network anywhere in the world, we've just about reached a breaking point now where you're probably better off moving straight to LTE rather than investing billions of dollars and years of work bringing HSPA or HSPA+ online. Indeed, that seems to be the call that Polish operator Mobyland (our proposed logo pictured left) has made, deploying and flipping the switch on a new LTE network -- the first in the world to go live in the 1800MHz band. Of course, the many proposed LTE frequencies around the globe are going to make it more of a nightmare than ever to release roaming-capable 4G devices in the future, but for now, we imagine the data card or two that these guys have on store shelves should be enough to get the job done -- and we'd love to see the look on customers' faces the first time they give it a shot after upgrading from their ancient 2G modem.

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