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The Daily Blues


Each day, takes you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From the latest posts from Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) to the lowdown on StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3, we'll keep you informed.

In which something something something dark side...

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Ghostcrawler -- Can we have a GC for PvP?

I'm not a fan of the QQ. But PvP is too big an element of the game not to have occasional dev forum posts.

Here is the problem with that line of thinking:

But UI mods are too big an element of the game...
But tradeskills are too big an element of the game...
But world events are too big an element of the game...
But RP is too big an element of the game...
But twinking is too big an element of the game...
But lore is too big an element of the game...

Ghostcrawler -- Disregarding feedback in thinking things are terrible
The problem with arguments like this is you are vociferously claiming your dislike for something while disregarding the feedback of all the people who do like it. The healing changes were announced a long time ago, and there have been many discussions since then. It should be clear to you that there are a lot of healers who didn't enjoy the LK style of healing and are looking forward to more thinking and less spamming.

Ghostcrawler -- Healing and gearing in Cataclysm

What happened to the kinder/gentler damage vs. health model that we were promised in Cata? And presumably these are normal instances which shouldn't require the best possible lower level gear before entering an 85 instance. Are we expected to farm 83-84 instances before setting foot in 85 instances even on normal?

The normal dungeons require a little more crowd control than many LK players are typically used to, but they aren't intended to be brutal. You shouldn't need to farm a lot of gear before stepping into one. Keep in mind that feedback is going to be all over the place in a beta. Some players are heading into dungeons they know nothing about and getting frustrated when someone can't immediately explain the boss mechanics to them. Some just have no sense in investment since this isn't their "real" character (such irony). Some of the bosses are overtuned and some of the class abilities are undertuned at this stage. Because Uldum and Twilight don't have quest rewards yet, there are also some folks who are just really undergeared. Half your glyphs probably don't work. The new enchants aren't readily available. And so it goes. That sort of thing will all get ironed out over the next several weeks.

You shouldn't have huge mana problems in a normal dungeon. Your middle heal should get you through most of it just fine. You'll have to use more of your emergency heals in the heroics and raids, and you'll also be expected to gear up a little more for the heroics and raids. In Burning Crusade, players went and finished the Shadowmoon quest lines or got their reps to Exalted or maxed out their trade skills in order to have the best gear available for the heroics and raids. That is our model for Cataclysm.


Lylirra -- Echo Isles and Gnomeregan FAQ
It's great to see that so many of you are excited about these events! The battles for Gnomeregan and Echo Isles are important turning points for both the Gnomeregan Exiles and Darkspear trolls, and we're glad that players across all races and realms have answered the call to arms issued by your esteemed faction leaders, Geblin Mekkatorque and Vol'jin.

Now, onto your questions:

    Q. What are the minimum level requirements for the Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall quest lines?
    A. Your character will need to be at least level 78 to participate in the final battle. All previous quests in each faction's chain, though, should be open to character's level 5 and up.

    Q. What would happen if a player were to complete one faction's quest line (say, Operation: Gnomeregan) on a character, receive the Feat of Strength, and then purchase a faction change? Would that character be able to complete the other faction's quest line and receive double the rewards?
    A. Yes and no. To continue with the example provided above, if a character were to complete all the quests associated with Operation: Gnomeregan on an Alliance character, receive the corresponding quest reward and Feat of Strength, and then purchase a faction change, the quest reward and Feat of Strength would translate to their Horde equivalents, but the quests would not. This means that the character would have the opportunity to play through all the quests associated with Zalazane's Fall, if he or she wishes, but would not receive an additional Feat of Strength or be able to own both faction's costume quest rewards * for doing so.

    Faction changes affect characters in multiple ways, though, so be sure to review the full FAQ before getting started:

    * Due to the fact that the costume quest reward will translate during a faction change, it's currently possible for a player to earn two of them. They'd both be same version of the item, though, and would share the same cooldown.

    Q. Will these events be available forever?
    A. Like other holiday events, Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall will only be available for a limited time, so it's best to complete the quest lines as soon as possible!

    Q. Players are standing on top of key quest NPCs and I'm unable to reach them. What can I do?
    A. If you're finding it difficult to click on a specific NPC, the best course of action is to enable name plates by pressing Ctrl-V or zoom in your character's camera all the way. This will give you a different in-game perspective and should allow you to click on the NPC's name plate or its model without other characters or their mounts completely blocking access:

    If you feel that any players are intentionally attempting to detract from the experience of others, then you may wish to contact in-game support.

    Q. Why are these events so short in duration?
    A. Both Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall are intended to be fun in-game events that allow players to experience the continuation of the Gnomeregan Exile and Darkspear troll storylines, and we think each quest line achieves just that. As several gnomes would argue, just because something is "short" doesn't mean it's not worthwhile! ;)


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