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3D effects written into Resident Evil: Afterlife script

Though the scripts of most game-to-movie adaptations are written with a heavy focus on maintaining the canon and integrity of the source material, it seems ... HA! Oh, man, we almost made it through that sentence without breaking. Anyways, Resident Evil: Afterlife producer/director/writer Paul W.S. Anderson recently gushed to Reuters that much of the script for the fourth film in the franchise was deliberately penned with 3D technology in mind.

"I wrote things into this script that I knew would work well in 3D, like lots of sets with depth-like tunnels, elevator shafts, and big wide landscapes," Anderson explained. We suppose that doesn't stray too far from the actual Resident Evil games. For instance, this trailer for the film features a ton of people throwing sharp hand tools at other people -- an attack that rings familiar of Resident Evil 4, no? Oh, and let's not forget the absolutely devastating sunglasses death-fling maneuver from Resident Evil 5, seen in this spoileriffic video.

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