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Aika's latest dungeon is for the birds

Eliot Lefebvre

It's been fairly quiet in terms of Aika news following the game's first major expansion, but the free-to-play game has just received a major update in the form of the Kynari Aviary. Concluding the story from the expansion of the Kynari civil war, the Aviary is the lynchpin of several story seeds and quests that lead players to challenge the malefactor of the Kynari people, Darkrane. He awaits within the dungeon, complete with new rewards and items for players of all skill levels.

The dungeon features three difficulties -- Normal, Hard, and Elite, with the higher difficulties offering better spoils from the battle. It's also filled with high-end crafting materials, with Normal difficulty dropping a large amount of needed materials and Elite difficulty dropping one-of-a-kind recipes for some of the most powerful items in the game. Aika players can begin heading through the dungeon now, assuming that they've hit the level cap and have five friends willing to brave the Aviary.

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