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Carry more iPad data with you, using HyperDrive

Keith M

No matter what size iPad or other portable device you get, many times it seems that you're going to hit that storage limit and find yourself aching for more space. The HyperDrive may not fix that problem for you, but it may be handy in certain circumstances.

Using the portable HyperDrive and the iPad Camera Connection Kit, one can transfer movies and photos onto the iPad from either the HyperDrive's internal storage or via memory cards attached to it. Since the iPad only allows attached storage of 32GB or less, the HyperDrive sections off its on-board storage into 32GB "folders," each of which is viewable using the iPad Photos application.

It's definitely a hacky way to go about transferring data to your iPad while on the go, but at least it doesn't require jailbreaking to use (if that's a concern of yours). The usefulness of the HyperDrive seems rather limited, though, as it's not able to transfer data off of your iPad, only onto it.

The HyperDrive comes in 120GB up to 750GB models, starting at US$299.

[via Macworld UK]

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