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Exclusive: Dynasty Warriors Online shows off new screens and customization video

Jef Reahard

Looking for a free-to-play brawler with above-average character customization and visual flair? You might want to check out Aeria Games' Dynasty Warriors Online, which is currently accepting closed beta signups. Dynasty Warriors Online is the latest title in the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise (which dates back to the 1997 Playstation fighting game), and looks to bring its unique blend of action and strategy to the MMORPG space.

Aeria has teamed with Massively to bring you an exclusive gallery of environment screenshots for the game, showcasing locales that include courtyards, taverns, crafting facilities, and more.

Aeria has also released a short teaser showing off aspects of character creation as well as a brief glimpse of PvE combat. Have a look at the video after the cut, check out the exclusive screenshot gallery below, and don't forget to sign up for beta at the game's official website.

Gallery: Dynasty Warriors Online - Exclusive environment screenshots | 5 Photos

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