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Kitsu Saga marches into closed beta


You've been eternally patient, young grasshopper, but now your wait is over. After several years of nail-biting anticipation, Aeria Games' Kitsu Saga is finally in closed beta, and you're invited to join in on the adventure -- if you have the right stuff to save the world, that is. So take the next week off school or work, and prepare to play until your eyeballs explode with joy!

OK, we've never heard of this game either, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a bit of MMO recon work. So go forth, Massively scouts, and let us know what this Asian martial arts title is like!

Kitsu Saga is being developed by X-Legend, which also made Grand Fantasia. Players join a faction and train as fledgling martial artists under the care of their masters. They also are befriended by a Kitsu -- a mischievous fox spirit of sorts that travels with adventurers and lends a hand (or at least color commentary). Aside from the Kitsu companions, the game also features little bonuses like being able to choose your character's age. You can enter the beta over at Aeria Games.

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