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Nielsen study: People don't like 3D glasses


A study by the Nielsen Company found that the glasses required for the 3D television experience -- which includes 3D gaming -- appear to be the tech's greatest hurdle. About half of those surveyed said the glasses were uncomfortable or a hassle, while 89 percent said the specs made it harder to do other things while watching TV (we assume the inability to multitask is less of a problem when playing 3D games). There's also the issue of no standardization -- your Sony glasses wouldn't work on your friend's Samsung TV, for instance.

The study noted that "active TV shoppers" who were considering a 3D TV purchase dropped from 25 percent to 12 percent after trying out the tech and considering the higher cost and limited available content. Still, half of the respondents were impressed by the 3D picture quality.

Nintendo's glasses-free 3DS tech could be a potential option for consumers wanting a 3D experience, albeit on a much smaller screen. Speaking of Nintendo's portable marvel, we're expecting the release date and pricing on September 29.

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