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Steve Young Football for iPad ads spoof 90s commercials


Apparently there is an iPad game behind these crazy commercials, but we posted them mainly because they're hilarious. The spot above will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the '90s as a spoof of the old Crossfire commercials that took a mechanical board game way too seriously. You'd probably be forgiven for noticing that the game, Steve Young Football, which is an over the top wacky version of the sport itself, actually has a feature where you can network two iPads together for multiplayer. Pretty cool.

The second spot, after the break, is just as hilarious, this time spoofing the old My Buddy commercials (oh man, the memories). Steve Young Football is available for $4.99 on the iPad, and just 99 cents on the iPhone, and no matter what the game is like, it's pretty much worth giving them the buck for the entertainment you'll get from these videos.

[via Joystiq]

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