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WoW Moviewatch: Sons of Grim Batol


SPOILER WARNING: This video has spoilers about Cataclysm. This review has spoilers about the video. This spoiler warning has spoilers about both.

Melvenor is pretty well-known to the fans who love "big book" lore. He creates movies intrinsically tied to the lore of World of Warcraft, putting his own artistic vision and deep effort into the videos. Sons of Grim Batol is the first chapter in his Faces of Cataclysm series, which sets up a pretty exciting followup for later episodes.

My favorite bit came when the dwarves, confronted with the unconquerable might of a lone, shirtless troll, drolly shoot him down. I know this kind of deadpan slapstick isn't exactly bleeding-edge humor, but it still tickles my funny bone.

I love Melvenor's stuff, so here's hoping for a relatively swift second chapter to the Faces of Cataclysm series.

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