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Adobe resumes efforts on Packager for iPhone


With the news that Apple has eased restrictions on third-party development tools, a very excited-sounding Adobe has announced it will resume working on its Flash-to-iPhone compiler, Packager for iPhone.

Soon after the news leaked in April that Apple was restricting third-party tools, a very publicly angry Adobe announced that its fledgling Packager app, part of Flash Professional CS5, wouldn't be receiving future support after Apple's restrictions effectively rendered the program useless.

Times have certainly changed now. "We're hearing from our developer community that Packager apps are already being approved for the App Store," Adobe says. Support for Adobe's Flash Player plug-in, however, is still excluded from iOS.

Adobe has every reason to be excited about this, as do Flash developers, who will now have a relatively easy way to recompile their Flash apps for sale on the App Store. Whether that will also translate into high-quality apps is something we users will learn for ourselves as they show up on the App Store over the coming days and weeks.

[Via Mac Rumors]

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