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The Daily Grind: How involved should guild applications be?

Eliot Lefebvre

Call them linkshells, call them supergroups, call them fleets -- a guild by any other name is still a gathering of players in a loose hierarchy with shared goals. Back in the salad days of MMOs, getting into a guild was a fairly simple procedure, but now it's a rare guild that doesn't have some sort of application policy. It could be as simple as spending a little time as a provisional member, or it could be a relentless grilling of the applicant before they are allowed to start gazing at the wonder of the guild forums.

On the one hand, an involved application process ensures you know who you're getting involved with, and it can help avoid drama further down the line. On the other hand it's just a guild, and even if you plan to take it into wars there's a point where the intensity gets silly. How involved do you think guild applications should be -- and do you come at the question from the side oof the applicant, or an officer in a guild reviewing applications?

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