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Yahtzee HD now on iPad, please don't scream 'yahtzee!' in public

When's the last time you saw another person? A real human being? You see, we're stuck here. Inside the internet. And short of Facebook profile pics and, well, some questionable adult sites (is foot crushing really a thing?) we haven't seen anyone in years. That's why it's so great to see EA bringing another Hasbro classic to yet another digital platform, with its release of Yahtzee HD for iPad. It's just like Yahtzee for real life, except made entirely of ones and zeroes.

Miss the tactile feeling of rolling dice out of a plastic cup? Travis Boatman, Vice President of Worldwide Studios for EA Mobile, says that "rolling the dice across the iPad's expansive screen is addicting." Cursed with an army of digi-friends and no meat-based friends, like we are? Use Facebook Connect "to issue friendly challenges and post high scores." All yours for the asking price of $5.

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