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Zeit 2 time-traveling to PC and 360 via Ubisoft


The ESRB has rated Zeit 2. While we already knew the shooter was coming to Xbox 360 and PC later this year, the rating has outed its publisher -- Ubisoft. Fans of shmups will probably take comfort in reading the description of the game: "This is a side-scrolling shooter game in which players control a bubble-covered spaceship as it shoots waves of enemies and collects power-up items. Stylized enemies disappear in explosions when defeated; one power-up causes all on-screen enemies to explode at once."

What the ESRB doesn't mention is the time-traveling gimmick that Zeit 2 employs. You'll be able to fast-forward time to get through sections of the game more quickly, and rewind time to deal even more damage to your enemies. Not quite making sense? Don't worry, we've embedded the trailer after the break.

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